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How will Artificial Intelligence Change our Life? It will change the way we live, work, travel and drive!

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been traversing a lot with Internet lately and undoubtedly it will disrupt the automotive too. AI is not new and has been in the making for decades through the dedication of many academics and more recently R&D groups at major technology giants and startups. In the automotive sector, AI technologies will bring a complete transformation to the industry. The number of AI systems used in infotainment and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) systems is expected to jump from 7 million in 2015 to 122 million by 2025.[i] Recently, In February 2017, Ford paid $1 billion for AI startup Argo AI.[ii] And in March 2017, Intel announced its intent to acquired Mobileye for $15.3 million in an effort to become a dominant player in the automotive AI for self-driving cars[iii].

Leading automotive technology company, Delphi Automotive is working on quite a few AI-based automotive systems, for example, ‘Delphi Gesture Control’- it offers spontaneous and convenient way to operate in-car functions without using voice or touch to complete an action. The system decides intended hand gesture from movements of the user, and is an extension to existing controls such as traditional knobs, touch panels and voice control. This UK-based company is backing its belief on driverless vehicles with significant investments. They are expecting to have a complete turnkey solution in driverless vehicles by 2022[iv].

Over the next few years, AI will become a standard in the areas of infotainment systems including speech and gesture recognition, eye tracking and driver monitoring, along with ADAS and autonomous vehicles using camera-based machine vision, radar-based direction units, driver condition evaluation and sensor fusion engine control units.

In order the track the future of AI in the automotive industry, it’s essential to know, how smart technologies like Machine Learning, Voice Recognition, Computer Vision and Robotics will expand their functionality in the automotive space.

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