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Blockchain Technology Investing in 2016 & Predictions for 2017

Mahbubul Alam Automotive, Blockchain, CMO, CTO, Software Defined Car 2 Comments

IBM hosted an event on 7th December, 2016 at Menlo Park, California to highlight blockchain technology use cases, VC investment and its timing.

Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO of Movimento Group is one of the renowned speakers of the talk and shared his thoughts on ‘Why Blockchain will revolutionize tech ventures in 2017’.

His talk focused on technology trends for 2017 and enterprise blockchain for automotive supply chain management. Blockchain technology is cryptographically authentic shared distributed ledger to record transactions and is been used by a large number of industries including banking, finance, retail – to name a few. The technical structure of blockchain ensures accuracy of information through two ways:

  • By tracking any modification in data
  • By storing the lifecycle of each data in all nodes that participate in the blockchain system

Blockchain is building trust and participatory ecosystem that we are not experiencing in the real world. Blockchain is a technology that creates and enforces its own trustworthiness—and this has massive implications for enterprises.



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