Tips for Modernizing a Automotive Industry Using a New Technology Mindset

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The technology business is definitely no longer new, but the original mindset of constant innovation has largely stayed intact over the years. Perhaps, this has been distinctive for an industry in which number of transistors per square inch is an essential entity like the integrated circuit which doubles every 18 months. Thus momentum was in mind that Movimento Group set out to transform itself a few years ago by modeling key techniques from the technology space

There are a few tips that you can take from my experience that will help modernize a manufacturing firm using the new technology mindset.

Movimento from more than a decade had been involved in ‘reflashing’ the software in modern cars by updating or reinstalling the line of code Movimento correctly saw how technology would inevitably produce the huge change in the automotive business, so they set up an office in Silicon Valley with an idea of creating a foothold that would leap in the future.

I was chosen by the management as an instrument of this change in Silicon Valley, having spent years as an executive in the networking and technology industries. As the newly minted Chief Technology Officer (CTO), my new role was to help Movimento merge Detroit and Silicon Valley and help the company redefine the definition of a car turning into a personalized, efficient, software defined machine that became an extension of today’s technology-defined lifestyles.

Transforming the vision in an engineering-focused organization like Movimento wasn’t easy but the most difficult task I had was changing peoples’ mindset. One of the ways I changed that was through tools that gave me visibility such as Trello, HipChat, FredCamp, Asana, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Evernote, Bamboo, Hangouts, MailChimp, XMind, SimpleMind+, Smartsheet and Google Drive to name a few. Putting in place modern tools for communications, tracking, monitoring and evaluating was essential for our global operation and it helped to accelerate and improve processes.

We weren’t limited to technologies commonly found in the auto industry but rather  examined what was successful in other industries and selected what would help us achieve our long-term product goals.  This included technologies not always familiar to the staff, such as cloud computing, virtualization, open source, advanced mobile/wireless networking, cybersecurity, Big Data and Internet of Things.  These have become the foundation of the connected, software-defined car that will represent personal transportation in the years ahead.

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