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The Internet’s Third Act: The Connected Device Decade

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Global Cellular M2M Connectivity Services Market to Rise to $35 Billion by 2016 according to ABI Research. Very soon a vast number of machines will be connected to the Internet either via fixed or wireless networks. In many cases, wireless connection provides the most feasible, effective and economical link between your machines and your business. M2M (which stands for machine-to-machine, mobile-to-machine and machine-to-mobile,) combines telecommunication and information technology to automate processes, to integrate all company assets with its IT system, and to create value-added services.

It allows a simple way to use wireless data as a link between systems, remote devices or locations and individuals. This link is typically used for collecting information, setting parameters, sending /receiving indications of unusual situations or taking care of on-line transactions on countless machines such as elevators, vending machines, automatic metering, you name it. As a result business becomes more effective. Customer service is improved, and practically limitless opportunities are created. New M2M applications are continuously emerging, and they may serve almost any business area and physical environment. It is fair to say that only imagination limits applications. For example, here is a list of the areas in which M2M applications can demonstrate concrete business potential: Telemetry, Telematics / in-vehicle applications, Public traffic services, Industrial applications, Security and surveillance, Sales & payments, Fleet management, Telemedicine and Public safety services.

Five Pragmatic policy steps for keeping the innovation pipeline running:

  1. making more spectrum available for mobile;
  2. increasing investments in targeted research to stoke innovation;
  3. advancing enlightened Internet policy;
  4. protecting privacy and security;
  5. and ensuring the next generation of scientists, engineers and developers are being trained.

Five Key Steps For Advancing Broader Societal Gains:

  1. Catalyze Innovation Through 4G Rollouts
  2. Accelerate Smart infrastructure Development and Deployment
  3. Advance a Smarter Electric Grid
  4. Speed Up Access to Wireless Connected Medical Devices.
  5. Enable More Of These Connected Devices to be Made In America

Key Takeaways

  1. Policy to Protect Virtual Profile: Need governance around info collected, who and how it will be used
  2. Drive M2M/IoTs Standard: Will drive competition, cost down and faster adoption
  3. Need Additional Licensed and Unlicensed Spectrum: For industries to blossom and thrive

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