Horizon-Next In The World of Automotive 2018

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Key Topics Covered:

  • Industry Undergoing Mega Transformation.
  • Key Industry Trends.
  • Key Technology Revolution.
  • Drivers for Mobility-as-a-Service.
  • Deployment of Automated Driving.
  • Software Defined Car Architecture.
  • Types of Innovation: Evolutionary, Revolutionary and Disruptive.
  • Business Success Criteria for The 3 Types of Innovation.
  • Success for Automated Driving is Eco-system Play: Co-Innovation, Co-Creation, Co-Development, Co-X.
  • Prioritization of Business Impact Against Time Horizon.
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Focus on Architectural Play:
      • In-Vehicle Architecture.
      • Secure Closed Loop Architecture: Car and Cloud Collaboration.
    • Enable Connected Services with Partners:
      • On-Vehicle.
      • Off-Vehicle (Cloud).
    • Embrace┬áNew Business Model:
      • On-Demand Mobility-as-a-Service.
    • Get the Technology and Timing Right:
      • Connected Car, Car Sharing, and Autonomous Car.

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