Gear Up for the Second Edition of ‘The Age of the Software Defined Vehicle’ series

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Silicon Valley veterans, Mahbubul Alam and Neeli Prasad  recently announced the first book ‘The Rise of Internet of Things of the series ‘The Age of the Software Defined Vehicle’ with the beginning of the New Year, 2017.

‘The Rise of Internet of Things’ looks at the promise IoT will make to its consumers. This book will guide you with examples and how will it impact individuals, societies and the industries and deep delve into how you can benefit from IoT and will be able to find new and innovative ways to do business and how these technologies will transform your business. The book will further pronounce the impact IoT will create and how you can further manipulate your business with the new world technologies.

To learn more, on this book, click here and get your first eBook copy today. The Book is also available for sale at Audible and iTunes 

The authors’ plan to launch their second book Convergence of Automotive and IoT of the series very soon, you can learn the opportunities IoT will create in the automotive space, because of the convergence of these two disciplines. The book will emphasize on how vehicles will be seen as compute platform in the near future, and how new functionalities will keep updating vehicles’ software.

Thinking of making a career in IoT and Automotive? If yes, this book is the ‘one’ for you. It is also for those management folks who are looking to transform their business strategy and revenue streams through new world technologies in Automotive.

To know more, about the authors, click here. Watch out this space for more updates on the series. Happy Reading!

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