What if the CTO is also the CMO? Find out how it can accelerate both business transformation and customer success?

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Have you heard of a scenario where the combination of the CTO and CMO roles has been held together by single resource? Yes, it may sound as an unusual hybrid and makes a lot of sense to amalgamate these two functions, at least in the types of organizations where the two disciplines  are tied together to achieve the mission of transforming technology into considerable profitable growth.

Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO of Movimento has held this position from last two years and it has helped to transform the organization drastically. Movimento has been a leader in driving this evolution and integrating the chief technology and marketing roles – combining an understanding of customers’ particular mindset and the technology that can deliver value-creating solutions – has been an important element to the company’s success.

Alam feels that “Embodying the approach in a single CTO-CMO position might not work at a Fortune 100 company with its layers of bureaucracy and specialized roles. But at Movimento, it definitely does. Instead of one function conveying insights to another function, you have, in effect, a single function. And we don’t have the problems that typically exist when the CTO and CMO organizations operate independently, even if collaboratively: They fight for power and resources, they speak different languages and they slow each other down. Here we all speak one language—we call it marketecture.”

The Takeaways

  • The integration of the Chief Technology Officer and Chief Marketing Officer roles, while an unusual hybrid, can be surprisingly effective, combining in a single position an understanding of customer problems and the technology that can create solutions to them.
  • Functional silos, which grew up to reflect a natural division of expertise, today usually breed inefficiency and slow response time.
  • A CTO/CMO can help bridge the crucial gap between the mindset and attitudes of a technology company and its customers in other industries.

To learn more, how Mahbubul transformed Movimento with this approach. Click here


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