The Age of the Software Defined Vehicle series

by Mahbubul Alam &  Neeli R. Prasad

The world is moving towards trillions of connected devices that in a few years will be not smartphones, but virtually anything – most of which have never been connected before. The authors evaluate the opportunities that emerge as a result of the Internet of Things focusing on the impact to individuals, industries and societies along with the challenges ahead to harvest the full value of this ongoing evolution. Volume 1 ‘The Rise of Internet of Things’ is the debut of the ‘The Age of the Software Defined Vehicle’ series and it showcases the vision towards connected devices paving the road towards the Internet of Things. The volume will also talk about five key areas – smarter spectrum, smarter workforce, smarter investments, smarter security and smarter regulations. This Volume 1 of the series lays the foundation for understanding today’s connected car and points in the direction of the Software Defined Vehicle of the future.

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The Age of the Software Defined Vehicle series by Mahbubul Alam &  Neeli R. Prasad

The Age of the Software Defined Vehicle, evaluates the opportunities the Internet of Things (IoT) will create in the automotive space because of the convergence of these two disciplines. This volume emphasizes how vehicles will be seen as compute platforms in the near future, and how new functionalities will keep updating vehicles’ software so they remain updated always. It showcases how the synergies among industries will take the automotive industry to a completely different level. It also discusses the outcome of this convergence for individuals, societies and industries, and how it will pave the way towards the era of the Software Defined Vehicle.

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About the Authors

Mahbubul Alam

Mahbubul Alam is CTO and CMO of Movimento Group, which has now been acquired by Delphi Automotive. A frequent author, speaker and multiple patent holder, Alam was brought to the company in early 2015 to reinvent technology, strategy and transform the vision in an engineering-focused organization ‘Movimento’. His thinking over the years is ‘Timing is Key’- knowing the right time to push forward.

Neeli R. Prasad

Neeli R. Prasad is a security and wireless technology strategist, who through her career has been driving business and technology innovation, from incubation to prototyping to validation. She has focus and the abilities to transform organizations and networking technologies to address changes in markets. She has made her way up the waves of secure communication technology by contributing to the most groundbreaking and commercial inventions. She has general management, leadership, and technology skills, having worked for service providers and technology companies in various key leadership roles.

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