Horizon-Next In The World of Automotive 2018

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Key Topics Covered: Industry Undergoing Mega Transformation. Key Industry Trends. Key Technology Revolution. Drivers for Mobility-as-a-Service. Deployment of Automated Driving. Software Defined Car Architecture. Types of Innovation: Evolutionary, Revolutionary and Disruptive. Business Success Criteria for The 3 Types of Innovation. Success for Automated Driving is Eco-system Play: Co-Innovation, Co-Creation, Co-Development, Co-X. Prioritization of Business Impact Against Time Horizon. Key Takeaways: …

V2X for Autonomous Vehicle: 5G or IEEE 802.11p?

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In conversation with Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO of Movimento Group, an APTIV company. The days of 5G complimenting 4G is just around the corner as 5G standards have been approved, accelerating the industry’s global deployment of the network. What does this mean for the automotive industry? How will 5G influence the connected and automated drive experience? [Mahbubul]: One of the key aspects …

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How Will Augmented Reality Enhance Maintenance for Connected Cars?

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Technology is often introduced as an experiment, made popular by gaming, and then finally incorporated into everyday life. Take Augmented Reality (AR), in which digital images are superimposed over the real world. One of this technology’s first applications was to provide information about city streets – for example, the architectural history of a block of buildings you were viewing. Then, …

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Monetizing the Software Defined Cars of Today and Tomorrow

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Connected Car California hosted an exclusive one-day conference on April 25th, 2017 at Santa Clara Marriott, California. The conference was dedicated to all the stakeholders in connected car technology and the services that enable it highlighting the industry trends and recent innovations. Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO of Movimento Group was among the distinguished speakers at the conference and spoke on ways …

Q & A with Mahbubul Alam on Software Defined Truck

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Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO of Movimento Group recently had a quick Q& A with Embedded Systems Engineering on Software Defined Truck and highlights Movimento’s role to drive this. Last year, Pana-Pacific, a leading supplier of infotainment and communications systems to Commercial Vehicle (CV) manufacturers, have partnered with Movimento to advance a CV communications system’s software updating capabilities. By partnering with Movimento, Pana-Pacific …

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How will Artificial Intelligence Change our Life? It will change the way we live, work, travel and drive!

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been traversing a lot with Internet lately and undoubtedly it will disrupt the automotive too. AI is not new and has been in the making for decades through the dedication of many academics and more recently R&D groups at major technology giants and startups. In the automotive sector, AI technologies will bring a complete transformation to …

What if the CTO is also the CMO? Find out how it can accelerate both business transformation and customer success?

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Have you heard of a scenario where the combination of the CTO and CMO roles has been held together by single resource? Yes, it may sound as an unusual hybrid and makes a lot of sense to amalgamate these two functions, at least in the types of organizations where the two disciplines  are tied together to achieve the mission of …


Gear Up for the Second Edition of ‘The Age of the Software Defined Vehicle’ series

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Silicon Valley veterans, Mahbubul Alam and Neeli Prasad  recently announced the first book ‘The Rise of Internet of Things’ of the series ‘The Age of the Software Defined Vehicle’ with the beginning of the New Year, 2017. ‘The Rise of Internet of Things’ looks at the promise IoT will make to its consumers. This book will guide you with examples …


Tips for Modernizing a Automotive Industry Using a New Technology Mindset

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The technology business is definitely no longer new, but the original mindset of constant innovation has largely stayed intact over the years. Perhaps, this has been distinctive for an industry in which number of transistors per square inch is an essential entity like the integrated circuit which doubles every 18 months. Thus momentum was in mind that Movimento Group set …


Why the Auto Industry should embrace Blockchain?

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Technical innovations happen constantly in small and big ways across our modern society, but very few breakthroughs and have a far-reaching impact. Consider Wi-Fi and the smartphone, to name a few. Increasingly, savvy observers are adding blockchain technology to the list of creations that could transform our universe. Many believe that internet revolutionized the information transfer and blockchain will reform …