Tips for Modernizing a Automotive Industry Using a New Technology Mindset

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The technology business is definitely no longer new, but the original mindset of constant innovation has largely stayed intact over the years. Perhaps, this has been distinctive for an industry in which number of transistors per square inch is an essential entity like the integrated circuit which doubles every 18 months. Thus momentum was in mind that Movimento Group set …


Why the Auto Industry should embrace Blockchain?

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Technical innovations happen constantly in small and big ways across our modern society, but very few breakthroughs and have a far-reaching impact. Consider Wi-Fi and the smartphone, to name a few. Increasingly, savvy observers are adding blockchain technology to the list of creations that could transform our universe. Many believe that internet revolutionized the information transfer and blockchain will reform …


Technology Trends in Automotive Industry

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In an industry such as automotive where technology is pouring in at an unprecedented rate, incipient trends are multiplying like vehicles on the roadways at rush hour. Some trends for 2017 are inevitable given developments in recent years while others are more disruptive and exponential, bleeding into multiple areas. For instance, Uber disrupted the taxi market and fundamentally changed the …

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Blockchain Technology Investing in 2016 & Predictions for 2017

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IBM hosted an event on 7th December, 2016 at Menlo Park, California to highlight blockchain technology use cases, VC investment and its timing. Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO of Movimento Group is one of the renowned speakers of the talk and shared his thoughts on ‘Why Blockchain will revolutionize tech ventures in 2017’. His talk focused on technology trends for 2017 and …


Steps the Automotive Industry Can Take to Achieve a "Frictionless Economy"

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One of the buzz phrases that has inspired prophesies in recent years is the “frictionless economy.”  The idea first popped up in 1996 when the Internet was gathering serious steam and Bill Gates outlined his vision for “friction-free capitalism,” but the notion has been embraced by many other notables since then such as Mark Zuckerberg, who recently has been promoting …


How the Smart Phone Industry Can Learn from the Auto Industry

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Most of us don’t often think of updating the software in our car but this is decidedly not the case in other realms. — software updates are becoming second nature for the 68% of Americans  who have smart phones.  Typically, seven to eight software updates a year have trained us to be responsive to this task. We are now familiar …

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Reality Check: 5 th Generation wireless technology create lucrative opportunities for carriers

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5G is set to move mobile operators away from being a dumb pipe and towards lucrative support for new industries like autonomous vehicles It’s been said ad nauseam that technology never sleeps, relentlessly evolving and changing while creating business disruptions along the way. This reality can result in power and profits for industry segments at one moment, only to see …

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IoT Entrepreneurship: A Framework for Success

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‘IoT with the best’ is hosted an exclusive tech talk with Internet of Things experts on October 29 – 30, 2016.  It is the world’s largest online conference with more than 100 speakers including CEOs, CTOs and Executives who will share their thoughts on sensors, smart grids, smart homes, smart cities, intelligent transportation, connected devices and wearables. Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO of …

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Realizing The Software Defined Car

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Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO of Movimento Group was recently speaker at the KPMG/Flex Automotive Innovation Summit, Milpitas, CA on September 29th, 2016. He shared his thoughts on the topic ‘Realizing the Software Defined Car’. Software Defined Car (SDC) is no more a thought or an idea. It is a reality but there is long way to go before its full potential …


Blockchain Technology Could Reinvent The Auto Industry

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Breakthrough technology often makes its way slowly into cautious industries, the automotive sector being an example. This is unfortunate because organizations that more quickly adopt new paradigms can often benefit the most from them. In the case of blockchain technology, a sizzling new exemplar for making verified, authentic transactions digitally instead of physically, the auto industry with its massive supply …