The Drivers of Change in the Automotive Technologies

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What is Disruptive Change? Disruptive change refers to an innovation that creates a new market and value network that eventually disrupts an existing one, displacing established market leading firms, products and alliances.  Surviving the Disruptive Earthquake The crucial factors for a business that wants to survive disruption is that they must be innovative and adaptive. Innovation and adaptability do not just …

How to Secure Autonomous Vehicles with Blockchain and Black Cloud?

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The emergence of autonomous vehicles is radically changing the automotive business. This change is bringing in new revenue generation opportunities for the whole industry, but with it, also new risks – specifically cybersecurity. Since autonomous vehicles are completely dependent on connected software for all aspects of their operation, they are vulnerable to a broad spectrum of cybersecurity attacks. As we …

Customer Centric Smart Mobility

Smart mobility turns our relationship with vehicles ‘Inside-Out’

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The advent of autonomous vehicles is not only shifting the way the automotive industry does business, but bringing rise to a whole new industry: the mobility service provider. At Movimento, an Aptiv company, we’ve developed the Inside-Out Smart Mobility model to illustrate the new relationships between consumers, automobiles, OEMs, and mobility service providers. Smart Cars & Smart Cities It’s evident that …

Convergence of EV, Phone & IoT

The Future as a Potpourri of Cars, Smartphones and IoT

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By the year 2020, an entire new generation will have grown up with mobile phones, high-speed broadband, cloud services and apps for everything at their fingertips. This is mainly due to the ‘digitalization’ of services fueled by the Internet of Things (IoT), which has the power to disrupt every industry and everything around us. It will completely change the way …

CASE Framework

CASE Framework: Our Customer-Centric Approach to Smart Mobility

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The CASE Framework With the automotive industry making the transition from traditional mobility to smart mobility, we found that most OEMs share a similar outlook. At CES 2018, Mercedes talked about this concept of smart mobility as human-centered innovation. C – Connected Products Vehicles have been connected to call center/concierge services and infotainment system apps like Spotify and Pandora for quite some time …

Smart Mobility: Rethinking The Automotive Industry

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Millennials are expected to account for 75 percent of the three billion global workforce by 2025 and are currently the largest living generation in the United States.This generation has less money to spend and are putting off major purchases like houses, cars and luxury goods or avoiding them entirely. They are turning to a new set of services that provide access to products …

Smart Mobility: Rethinking The Automotive Industry

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The automotive industry is undergoing a massive transformation with an increasingly fragmenting customer base, driven by millennials that will make up 75 percent of the three billion global workforce by 2025. Car ownership is being replaced with shared mobility options in favor of environmental sustainability and cost-effective options. These emerging trends are driving the automotive industry to embrace change, innovate …

Horizon-Next In The World of Automotive 2018

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Key Topics Covered: Industry Undergoing Mega Transformation. Key Industry Trends. Key Technology Revolution. Drivers for Mobility-as-a-Service. Deployment of Automated Driving. Software Defined Car Architecture. Types of Innovation: Evolutionary, Revolutionary and Disruptive. Business Success Criteria for The 3 Types of Innovation. Success for Automated Driving is Eco-system Play: Co-Innovation, Co-Creation, Co-Development, Co-X. Prioritization of Business Impact Against Time Horizon. Key Takeaways: …

V2X for Autonomous Vehicle: 5G or IEEE 802.11p?

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In conversation with Mahbubul Alam, CTO/CMO of Movimento Group, an APTIV company. The days of 5G complimenting 4G is just around the corner as 5G standards have been approved, accelerating the industry’s global deployment of the network. What does this mean for the automotive industry? How will 5G influence the connected and automated drive experience? [Mahbubul]: One of the key aspects …