Technology Trends in Automotive Industry

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In an industry such as automotive where technology is pouring in at an unprecedented rate, incipient trends are multiplying like vehicles on the roadways at rush hour. Some trends for 2017 are inevitable given developments in recent years while others are more disruptive and exponential, bleeding into multiple areas. For instance, Uber disrupted the taxi market and fundamentally changed the automotive/transportation sector. This should make 2017 an exciting year for the industry and definitely for the consumers.


Technologies such as Blockchain will get intense attention in 2017. Augmented Reality (AR) is set to enhance driver safety and impact areas from smart head-up displays for repairs. Consumers will be able to save money and personalize their car based on their lifestyle through 3D printing in the coming year. Autonomous capability will move forward to reach more consumers. Amplified vehicle security is expected next year through Machine Learning based cybersecurity; these cybersecurity systems will create new ways to protect vehicle against any new threats. Collaborative/sharing monetization platform such as LyFt, Uber and Ola, and Predictive Analytics will witness exponential growth and are bound to help automakers and consumers in the year 2017.

We are approaching towards the end of fabulous 2016 for the automotive industry. 2017 definitely will bring more happiness to the consumers, automakers as the year promises to accelerate the industry.

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